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[Wanna One_THE HEAL - Sandglass] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 180607 EP.573

HOURGLASS [Ong Seongwoo ft Lee Daehwi] (Eng sub)

Daehwi always extra when he's with Minhyun 🤣love them🧡🍑 #edit #hwangminhyun #wannaone #idol #nuest

[180415] WANNA ONE - Ong SeongWoo and Daehwi in Japan

Teasing🤭🦋 #ab6ix #daehwi #kanghyewon #korean #idolgroup #kpop #idol #married #kpopidol #produce101

Phone call with Wanna One's Daehwi who just woke up! [Happy Together / 2017.08.24]

Compilation of Idols babying Daehwi Feat. Manager-nim

Wanna One: One The World in Manila - The Heal Unit (Lee Daehwi & Ong Seongwoo)

180901 The Heal - Sandglass + Daehwi & Seongwu Solo in ONE: The World Manila

(SUB) [WOOYARD] 손꼽아 기다렸던 그날!🥹 SPECIAL LIVE [ONE] 서울 공연 비하인드🎤

Wanna One X Seol-Su-Dae, “I’m your uncle today!” [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.13]

[ENG SUB] WANNAONEGO Zero Base Ep7 'Home Without Minhyun'

[K-Fancam] 라이즈 원빈 직캠 'Get A Guitar'(RIIZE X WONBIN Fancam) @뮤직뱅크(Music Bank) 230922

explosion of Daehwi's real thought while doing acrostic poem♨ "I don't wanna be your partner" KB 156

[Oppa Thinking - Wanna One] Steal Dae Hwi's Heart!, 오빠생각 20170911

daehwi's funny and savage moments in wanna one

Seol-Su-Dae enjoy playing in the water with Wanna One!

보이넥스트도어(BOYNEXTDOOR) - 뭣 같아 l Show Champion l EP.492 l 230920

Hello Counselor - Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Hwang Minhyun [ENG/THA/2017.09.11]

WannaOne, Where Are They? #kangdaniel #ongseongwu #minhyun #kimjaehwan #hasungwoon #daehwi

(ENG/SPA/IND) Savior Lee Dae Hwi & Acting Genius Ong Seong Wu | DoReMi Market


모래시계 Sandglass (Prod. 헤이즈 Heize)

[180415] WANNA ONE - Ong SeongWoo and Daehwi in Japan

Fancam The Heal (Ong Seongwoo & Lee Daehwi) - Sandglass Wanna One in Jakarta

[CUT ONGWHI MOMENTS] Funny moment Ong Seongwoo and Lee Daehwi 😂 (IndoSub)

[ENG SUB] Okay Wanna One Special 2021 MAMA Waiting Room Behind

180901 WANNA ONE - THE HEAL Lee Daehwi & Ong Seongwu Sandglass (With Monitor)

180805 Wanna One - Pick Me (Dae Hwi , Seong Wu) in BKK

[KCON LA] PRODUCE 101 Special (Wanna One) - NEVER+PICK ME ㅣ KCON 2017 LA x M COUNTDOWN 170831 EP.539